Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Daily involved a duckling catch!

So I like going to work more so then being home, why? Well if go to work then I do not have to worry about doing as much house work...I am one of those people who goes from one chore to the next...with the first chore only partially done...I have lately realized I do this without even realizing it...I have a problem...On a side note we also have chickens and ducks and now one goose. The male decided to attack my car early Monday morning and didn't survive...I was pretty upset! So for fun I am out feeding them treats and scraps...Yea I know I am an exciting person! So anyways on to yesterday I got home from work and my mommy duck was missing! She had 4 little ones and now was down to three! I knew I couldn't catch them by myself so I had to wait till Nick got home from work at 8! Yea it was dark and I went and got the two big nets we had and realized they were under the pine tree. This is where it got interesting...I had to take off my cute flowy top because I didn't want a bunch of pine needles in it! I had a tank top on underneath it and as I start under the tree my hubby goes you know your gonna end up full of needles right. I was well aware of this, but saving those little babies was worth it! So I crawl under the tree and catch one and pass it to the hubby thinking he will put in in a pail or container till we can catch the other two. Well he put it in the net then I chased the other one out and he caught that one only to realize the first had escaped. Now the second one had to get its neck tangled and wasn't going anywhere till Nick untangled it! So after getting it free we realize the other two have made their run into the barn. I wigged my way back out from under the tree and we were off. I caught one and Nick made a grab and caught the other...he has long gorilla like arms...or is it monkey...well he looks more like a gorilla and has long arms, so he easily caught it! So I then went looking for a cage and he tells me they will have to stay in the garage because it would be to cold for them outside. So now there are three little ducks in the garage in a big blue bin. Oh and I didn't stick my hand in duck poop...I will just let you guess who did. I guess I am lucky to have a hubby who is willing to humor all of my insane plans. He is lucky to have a wife who cooks for I guess we are even!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

500ish giveaway!

Winner is Rachel Wright of the 25 dollar gift card I decided to let raffle pick a second place winner of a ten dollar gift card and that will be Debbie Stivers Congrats Ladies! a Rafflecopter giveaway

Wednesday, August 28, 2013


I work a part time job but it gives me the interaction with people I need. I never thought of myself as a people person until moving halfway a crossed the country for the husband. I now have my Fb page which helps! I appreciate all the ladies who have joined. I have made a special friend there that I admire so much and wish I could help her as much as she has helped me! She has lost so much weight and is an amazing person! She home schools a child, keeps her house nice, and just makes my day brighter talking to her! I wish I could make her see how much just having someone to vent to makes life better...well for me anyways!  I just think Life is so much on what you make of it! I try to be positive! I know I gained a bunch of weight because I was so lonely moving here! So my tip of the day is just think of something good in your life! Smile about it mine is my chickens and animals! My mom who is going through Cancer! Just Smile!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Pampering Myself

Pampering myself usually involves some sort of indulgence...usually food..sometimes thrift shopping! So I have been trying to lose some weight doing a protein shake here and there instead of a meal. I have also been trying to not eat as much bad food for me! So tonight I took some garlic and olive oil and some salt and browned some boneless skinless chicken. I then picked some zucchini from the garden and cooked that up with some garlic! I cut up cucumbers, onions, and tomatoes put some salt on them and put them in the fridge! That is my go to treat it's healthy and tasty! Better then eating a bunch of fries anyways! What is your go to meal for healthy nights?
OK confession time we made apple sauce and it was so juice I saved some juice and made jelly...I did the less sugar recipe but it is still basically half sugar. That will have to be a treat!

Saturday, August 10, 2013


I have always been the type who drags home the sickly animals...growing up on a farm this wasn't so bad. Now I live on 11 acres with my husband who does not love animals as much as I do. He is ok with livestock but the cats he could do without! We seem to keep acquiring cats. I guess that is the downside of living in the country. I now have them inside to warm them up! Just don't tell the hubby. What do you do? I want to find homes and get all the strays I feed fixed which is why I am doing the party any commission I make will help pay for the kitty's.
Thanks in advance for the help!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

My morning routine

So every morning I get up and pack the hubby's lunch and make him breakfast. The feed the chickens. Sometimes if I am really motivated I do some dishes! Then I have my me time. I usually do a couple surveys every morning. I really enjoy getting stuff to test in the mail. I also check my Listia to see if I have won anything! My husband laughs but I do enjoy making some money on the surveys every month! I also do saveup which is supposed to help you get your financial life straight and give you a chance to win some prizes everyday. One of my favorite surveys is ICS does it take awhile to get it to pay better yes but once your trust score is up you can make regular payouts FAST! I have also won the 50 dollar and 2 dollar draws! Plus I can basically guarantee my payout will be in my paypal account in less then 24 hrs! Ok off to do some dishes and then get ready for work! Yes my life is pretty exciting!

Monday, August 5, 2013


How do you usually spend your days at work? Today ours was a bit be fair Monday is the day we finish the paper and ship it off to be printed. Well to start it off one of the girls I work with is a bit twisted and always likes to scare the crap out of me. She waited for me to come out of the bathroom (small favors) and hid until I was close then yelled boo...and I jumped. Later after the paper was really was...the boss came in and was like hey you need to see this bug! I was like is it orange and black? It was I had seen the same weird bug thing at the pharmacy! Well it turned out to be this creepy! Yea that is what we do at work...and we might or might not have brought it inside with pliers to try get a better idea of what it was!